• Embracing Distributed MIMO in Wireless Mesh Networks - [PDF]
    Apurv Bhartia, Yi-Chao Chen, George Nychis and Lili Qiu.
    International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), 2015.
  • Demonstrating White Space Networking Capabilities and Potential with an Embedded & Open-API Platform
    George Nychis, Bruce DeBruhl, Haiyun Tang
    MobiCom - Demonstration, 2014.
  • Using Your Smartphone to Detect and Map Heterogeneous Networks and Devices in the Home - [PDF]
    George Nychis, Srinivasan Seshan, Peter Steenkiste
    MobiCom - HotWireless Workshop, 2014.
  • Centralized, Measurement-based, Spectrum Management for Environments with Heterogeneous Wireless Networks - [PDF]
    George Nychis, Charalampos Tsourakakis, Srinivasan Seshan, Peter Steenkiste
    DySPAN, 2014.
  • On-Chip Networks from a Networking Perspective: Congestion and Scalability in Many-Core Interconnects - [PDF] [PPT]
    George Nychis, Chris Fallin, Thomas Moscibroda, Onur Mutlu, Srinivasan Seshan
    SIGCOMM, 2012.
  • Reclaiming the White Spaces: Spectrum Efficient Coexistence with Primary Users - [PDF] [PPT] [AES Talk] [Demo]
    George Nychis, Ranveer Chandra, Thomas Moscibroda, Ivan Tashev, Peter Steenkiste
    One of the three papers nominated for Best Paper Award.
    Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT), 2011.
  • A Campus-Wide Testbed over the TV White Spaces - [PDF]
    Ranveer Chandra, Thomas Moscibroda, Paramvir Bahl, Rohan Murty, George Nychis, Xiaohui Wang
    ACM SIGMOBILE Computing and Communications Review (CCR), Vol 15 Issue 3, July 2011.
  • Next Generation On-Chip Networks: What Kind of Congestion Control Do We Need? - [PDF] [key] [ppt]
    George Nychis, Chris Fallin, Thomas Moscibroda, Onur Mutlu
    HotNets, 2010.
  • Addressing the Networking Challenges for the Next Generation of Wireless Spectrum Access
    George Nychis.
    Best Presentation Award
    MobiSys PhD Forum, 2010.
  • Supporting Cognitive Radio Network Protocols on Software-defined Radios - [Cambridge] [Amazon]
    George Nychis, Srinivasan Seshan, Peter Steenkiste,
    Chapter 7 in Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Internet (published in 2011).
  • Enabling MAC Protocol Implementations on Software-defined Radios - [PDF] [HTML] [ppt] [code]
    George Nychis, Thibaud Hottelier, Zhuochen Yang, Srinivasan Seshan, Peter Steenkiste,
    Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), 2009.
  • An Empirical Evaluation of Entropy-based Anomaly Detection - [PDF] [presentation] [long] [code]
    George Nychis, Vyas Sekar, David G. Andersen, Hyong Kim, Hui Zhang,
    Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), 2008.
  • Rationale for a Clean Slate Radio Architecture
    R. Farrell, A. Wyglinski, C. Anderson, ... G. Nychis, et al.
    Invited Paper
    Software-defined Radio Technical Conference, 2008.
  • An Empirical Evaluation of Entropy-based Anomaly Detection (Masters Thesis) - [PDF] [testbed]
    Advisors: Hui Zhang and David G. Andersen, May 2006 - May 2007.

 Non-Peer Reviewed Works

  • FastPass: An Internet Architecture Resilient to Network DDoS - [pdf] [video demo] [webpage]
    Advisors: Peter Steenkiste and David G. Andersen, September - December 2006.
  • Analysis of XCP in a Wireless Environment - [pdf]
    Advisor: Srinivasan Seshan, January - July 2006.
  • Network QOS for Time Sensitive Applications - [pdf]
    Advisor: Hui Zhang, January - May 2006.
  • P2PeuR: Peer to Peer Disk Backup Using Erasure Coding - [pdf] [src]
    Advisors: Greg Ganger and Tina Wong, January - May 2006.
  • Deployment of Wireless Communication In Nuclear Containment
    Academic Advisors: John Wesner and Michael Bigrigg, August 2005 - May 2006.
    Industry Advisor: Thomas J. Spears (Westinghouse)
  • A Cost Efficient Wireless Home Sensor Network - [pdf] [info]
    Academic Advisor: Michael Bigrigg, May 2005 - July 2005.
    Industry Advisor: Erik Riedel (Seagate)
  • ArcticNet: A Scalable Sensor Network Access Management System
    Academic Advisor: Michael Bigrigg, August 2004 - May 2005.